Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is a preliminary and informal discussion, free of charge and lasts 45 minutes. This is usually done over the phone or via Skype.

No treatment takes place during the initial consultation, it is simply used to ascertain whether hypnotherapy is a suitable course of action and to explain how the process works, which also serves to dispel any myths!

Further Hypnotherapy Sessions

Fees for further Solution Focused Hypnotherapy individual sessions are £60.00 per hour if you visit our practice or £70.00 per hour if you wish a home visit.

Sessions last for 60 minutes and the fee includes all CDs and books required. The fees are payable at the end of each session by cash, PayPal or cheque. Payment may also be made by online banking.

Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions

Skype Hypnotherapy – Live session (60 minutes): £60.00 per session.

A pre-paid discounted package of sessions may be agreed (paid ahead in one payment).


Discounts are available for booking a minimum of three sessions. Also, we offer discounts for senior citizens and students. Please ask us for more information.

Client Commitment

Success is not guaranteed and full client commitment is important, such as listening to the relaxation/confidence building CDs, for the sessions to be worthwhile. No magic wands are available unfortunately, so this means client participation is required. This will be fully explained at the Initial consultation.

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